Smoby 520120 and Maggie & Bianca Concert Microphone, Red Toys & Games - B07CQ1YGZH

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Smoby 520120 and Maggie & Bianca Concert Microphone Red - B07CQ1YGZH

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  • Headset with Jack Cable and an audio device that has different functions

  • '2 original Maggie & Bianca songs (in my shoes and friends with fashion design)

  • An Karaoke function allows you to move the voice song of both songs to take on and off even on the background theme to sing

  • At the touch of a button sounds office

  • Microphone, microphone children's; Microphone for children; Musikinstrumente; Musikinstrumente children; Musikinstrumente toddlers, Musikinstrumente for children; Musikspielzeug; Music spielzeug; Music, microphone with sound, Kindermikrofon, children microphone so the kids Musikinstrumente; Selfie) microphone: Selfie microphone; Karaoke Kinder, children's Karaoke Microphone; headset

  • Product Description

    Singe and performe like the pop star Maggie and Bianca TV Tele Novela – with the Maggie & Bianca concert/microphone rockst you all over the world. 'The microphone consists of a headset with jack cable, as well as an audio device that has different functions. The microphone improves voice, 2 Aufgespielte songs in English from the range to provide a true stage feeling ("in my shoes" and "Fashion Friends). A KARAOKE FUNCTION ALLOWS YOU TO voice singing of the two songs to take on and off even on the background melody to sing. At the touch of a button, you'll hear Applaus, the player is also equipped with a clip, so that it can be attached to your belt. Includes 3.5 mm audio jack Cable for connecting to the Wireless Headsets with the audio device.
    Functions: Try Me/power-on button (R) speaker (2x Original Maggie & Bianca songs ("in my shoes" and "Fashion Friends), Includes Karaoke effect for do their job properly removal Applaus effect – Compatible with all standard audio devices Includes 3.5 mm audio jack
    Battery operated: 2 LR06/AA Mignon (AA) batteries (included). Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.5 x 4 x 14 cm Recommended age: suitable for children ages 5 and up.
    About Smoby: as one of the most French manufacturer of toys we understand Smoby toys, which children happy and parents happy as a small container toys which are designed to help relieve that will put your skills to discover and to train, cheerful, colourful and full of ideas. As children are born Explorer. It grasping and experience the world through play and you could want. It is for this reason that in an age-appropriate, a safe toy so important. Smoby toys is perfect for tested toy on the latest in educational research, from baby to school age. However, the important thing is: Play with Smoby products, simply puts you in activity is fun again.

    Safety Warning

    Recommended age: 36 months + attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small components. Choking hazard. Please note: A cord is included. Risk of strangulation.

    Smoby 520120 and Maggie & Bianca Concert Microphone Red - B07CQ1YGZH

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