Plan Toys 5105 Dancing Alligator Toys & Games - B000I8SMZE

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Plan Toys 5105 Dancing Alligator - B000I8SMZE

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  • PlanToys is the first company to manufacture toys using wood from rubber trees that no longer provide Latex

  • PlanToys practices the three RS of Green Living: Reduce Reuse and recycle our manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy

  • Plantoys creates innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood

  • Plantoys are made from non-toxic natural materials such as organic rubber wood

  • The plan toys dancing alligator is an awesome accessory for your child's play collection

  • Product Description

    Click-clack! The dancing alligator by PlanToys® is a classic wooden pull along toy. The segments are hinged in such a way that they wriggle when pulled along, making a great click-clack sound. Children are encouraged by the sound to drag it along faster resulting in faster clicking and chasing effect; this, in turn, helps promote good balance, stronger walking and healthy play. The wooden PlanToys® pull along toy range is sure to follow your little ones wherever they go!

    PlanToys® is proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality and safety standards in addition to following a path of environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of ethics while creating innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood. These toys inspire children's imagination as well as promoting their physical and intellectual development. PlanToys® are made from non-toxic, natural materials such as organic rubberwood. Our toys enable children to play, learn and become closer to nature. Review

    This exciting dancing alligator is one of a huge range of rubber-wood toys in the Push-Pull range from Plan Toys. It's made from pieces of bright green wood that are threaded onto an elastic with wooden pegs in between. It's mounted on yellow wheels, making the alligator quite an appealing and noisy click-clack mover.

    The Alligator measures approx. 27 cm long and attached to its head is a small length of cord, 60 cm long, so that it can be pulled while your child is walking along. The manufacturers say the toy is suitable for children aged 19 months and above. Use it to encourage your little one as he or she becomes more steady on their feet. --Susan Naylor

    Safety Warning

    Warning Not suitable for children under 18 months

    Legal Disclaimer

    All sizes are as accurate as possible and all images are accurate at time of publication. Please note that small variations and modifications may be made by manufacturers without notice.

    Manufacturer's Description

    A handsome wooden pull along which appears to undulate as it moves along to a satisfying clickety clack sound.

    Box Contains

    Dancing Alligator Pull Along

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    Plan Toys 5105 Dancing Alligator - B000I8SMZE

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