Children's Puzzle Floor Mats, play Mats, Splicing Sponge Mats, Carpet Floor Tiles, Toys, EVA Soft Carpet Floor Mats, 1Cm Thick k 4 Pcs Toys & Games - B09MKWY682

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Children's Puzzle Floor Mats play Mats Splicing Sponge Mats Carpet Floor Tiles Toys EVA Soft Carpet Floor Mats 1Cm Thick k 4 Pcs - B09MKWY682

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  • The safe, soft, reliable, non-toxic and sturdy foam bricks have been tested, do not contain harmful substances such as lead, and can be used safely. They are used to protect your floor and create a comfortable space with excellent support and cushioning.

  • A variety of colors are available to protect the floor from damage, light and waterproof, and the size of the logo can refer to the size chart.

  • In order to protect the floor, the floor mat is made of high-density foam material. Sturdy, and at the same time as a necessary cushion to protect your floor marks and dents.

  • The exercise mat can be connected within a few minutes to provide a safe crawling mat for babies and toddlers. You can play all kinds of games on it, and it is also very suitable for sports, studios, game rooms and gyms.

  • Rotate regularly, clean and locally, and wipe with a rag.

  • Material:EVA
    Recommend Age:0-6M
    Recommend Age:7-12M
    Recommend Age:13-24M
    Recommend Age:25-36M
    Recommend Age:4-6Y
    Recommend Age:7-12Y
    Recommend Age:12+Y
    Warning:Keep Away From Fire
    With Rack For Game Blanket Or Not:No
    Type:Split Joint

    Children's Puzzle Floor Mats play Mats Splicing Sponge Mats Carpet Floor Tiles Toys EVA Soft Carpet Floor Mats 1Cm Thick k 4 Pcs - B09MKWY682

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