Toys Gifts for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Girls Boys Kids, Threading Beads Toys StringingThreading Toys for Boys Girl Age 3 4 5 Educational Toys for 3 4 5 Year Olds Presents for 3-5 Year Old Girl Boys Kids Sports & Outdoors - B08V9CN6X7

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Bylark Threading Beads Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Girls Boys Kids Educational Toys Best Gift - B08V9CN6X7

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  • 【Top wooden stringing toys】: Stringing Threading Beads Toy kit contains 6 ropes, 26 letters, numbers, traffic, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and geometric shapes, for a total of 75 wooden blocks. Early childhood is the fastest stage for people to learn and imitate. Threading Toys can greatly help them learn and perceive things quickly in the golden age, master traffic rules, algorithms and letter spelling. For preschool girls boys aged 3 4 5, this is a good learning toy.

  • 【Educational toys】: The beading game brings together many elements. Traffic elements such as cars and traffic lights allow them to simulate scenes to learn traffic rules, digital elements can learn algorithms, letter elements can practice word spelling, etc. The attached 6 tow ropes can connect the wooden blocks together to form different wooden necklaces. The abundant wooden blocks enable them to learn and grow happily while playing.It is the perfect toy for girls aged 3 4 5

  • 【Health and Environmental Protection】: Our baby stringing beads are made of 100% FSC approved wood. They are laser cut and finely polished to make the surface of each block smooth and free of burrs. The surface of the building blocks is coated with healthy and environmentally friendly water-based paint to ensure that the building blocks will not affect the health of children and create a healthy playing and learning environment for them.

  • 【Parent-child interaction】: Wooden beads have a variety of elements and are a highly interactive toy. Parents or teachers can use the relevant cartoon elements to induce children to interact with themselves and learn. The perfect product design and cute cartoon wooden blocks can Greatly attract children's attention, make them more willing to touch, and then learn more things through enjoyable play. It is a very good preschool educational wooden toy.

  • 【Fun childhood gift】: Large pieces of wood not only prevent them from swallowing, but also enhance the child's grip and hand-eye coordination. Through these products, children can acquire more knowledge and perceive more new things.Stringing Threading Beads Crafts Toy is very suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, children's day gifts, learning gifts for girls and boys aged 3 4 5, and it is also the best toy gift for girls and boys aged 3 4 5 6

  • High-quality DIY wooden beaded childcare toys, made of 100% FSC-approved wood,
    composed of wooden blocks with elements such as traffic, numbers, letters, geometric shapes,
    etc., are perfect toys for girls boys aged 3-5.

    Why choose BYTOKI Stringing Threading Beads Crafts Toy ?
    The wooden toys use laser cutting technology and are carefully polished. The surface of
    the product is smooth and free of burrs. The surface is coated with environmentally
    friendly water-based paint to protect the health of children.
    Carefully designed and added a variety of elements, so that children in the golden age of learning can
    be exposed to a wealth of knowledge, and then learn more knowledge in the game,
    and continuously improve their cognitive ability.
    Threading Toys comes with a box and a storage bag, easy to store and prevent loss.
    This is a great gift for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.

    ❣Product name: Stringing Threading Beads Toy
    ❣Weight: 330g
    ❣Color Box Size: 20 * 18 * 6cm
    ❣Material: Wooden
    ❣Age Range: 3+ Year Old

    product Included:
    6 ropes
    26 Alphabet blocks
    0-9 Digital building blocks
    6 arithmetic symbol wooden block
    24 geometric wood block
    9 Traffic block
    1color box
    1 storage bag

    Bylark Threading Beads Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Girls Boys Kids Educational Toys Best Gift - B08V9CN6X7

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