Batman Wooden Batcave Playset Toy - FSC Certified Wood, Chunky and Durable Wooden Toy for Preschool Ages Toys & Games - B09QGNZ862

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Batman Wooden Batcave Playset Toy FSC Certified Wood Chunky and Durable Wooden Toy for Preschool Ages - B09QGNZ862

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  • Features plastic control consoles and screens

  • Collapsing gantry, as well as entrance for the Batmobile

  • Wooden Batman Figure included

  • Made from environmentally responsible FSC Certified Wood

  • Chunky and durable

  • Product Description

    Batman World of Wooden Toys are made with durable and sustainable wood with eye catching and cool designs. Crafted for young Batman fans whilst staying true to the classic Batman styling, this fun range aims to stimulate a child’s imagination during play. On the outskirts of Gotham City lies stately Wayne Manor, the domain of billionaire businessman, Bruce Wayne and the secret lair of his alter ego, superhero crime fighter Batman. This double-sided playset looks like Wayne Manor from the front but on the reverse is the Batcave where Batman maintains his equipment, develops new crime fighting tools and monitors the daily crime stats of the city beyond. The playset has control panels and a secret entrance for the Batmobile (Batmobile sold separately), and a collapsible gantry. Includes one wooden Batman figure. Made from environmentally responsible FSCcertified wood, (license C156989), and suitable for children aged 3 years and over. Batman World of Wood! Durable, Sustainable and Imaginative Play!

    Safety Warning

    Not suitable for children under 36 months

    Batman Wooden Batcave Playset Toy FSC Certified Wood Chunky and Durable Wooden Toy for Preschool Ages - B09QGNZ862

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