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NYC - The "Melting Pot" of America!

Today, at the Studio, we had a great surprise when we learned of Elliot's family's adoration and appreciation of Korean culture!

As we were shooting and spending a wonderful time playing with Elliot, the newest addition to the family, we learned how their family has been partaking in many different areas of Korean culture and entertainment. The older brother, has found a newfound love for K-Pop, the mother, watches many Korean T.V. shows from historical dramas to the rom-com's of today to reality shows. Elliot had a great time trying on two different hanboks, traditional Korean attire!

They were actually planning on grabbing some Korean BBQ right after the shoot for dinner and that led us down a whole rabbit hole where we talked about recipes and different dishes and even how to make kimchi! The funny thing is, we never get to talk about these topics even with other Koreans let alone Americans!

Elliot was absolutely a shining ball of energy and joy as he courageously (and sometimes dangerously) took a chance to explore every inch of our studio, pausing to examine and poke just about anything that caught his attention. This gave us many opportunities to capture him in the act candidly and it shows!

It was a wonderful chance to share our experiences and connect with our clients. They may have come in as paying clients but left as loving friends! We just love how we get to meet and connect with clients from all walks of life and with wildly unique experiences everyday and these meaningful relationships we forge through the common language of photography is what makes Studio by Angel so special.

Here you don't just come to have your photos taken, you come to capture those experiences!