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Daylight - Why the traditional studio is ever less popular these days!

The number one request we hear from our clients is always “more natural, less-processed looking”. We’re all so conditioned to think that professional photography has to be this complicated array of lights pampering us in our every nook and cranny but that's just not the case! While they may be technically immaculate, more often than not studio lighting has a tendency to look artificial. Gone are the days of our graduation photos and traditional family portraits, with the bloom the younger generation, more and more people wish to have their photos look as genuine as possible.

That is why the daylight studio, one that emphasizes the use of daylight as the primary light source is increasingly popular these days. Daylight is oftentimes harsh and overwhelming when used outdoors on a sunny day but when filtered through windows and curtains, or reflected off of walls, daylight casts a beautiful and soft luminescence that looks amazing on everyone.

The problem with traditional studio lighting is that it requires a large amount of work to tone down and tampering to make it look more natural. Even the smallest mistake can mean lighting that is way too harsh and just too precise to look and more importantly feel natural. While the scope of this article is far too small to explain all the details of daylight and studio lighting, the “feel” of a photo is what most of us judge a photo by. More than any technical detail, the emotions and mood that we feel is oftentimes the most personal and important factor in a photo.

It’s what we base our photography language on here at Studio by Angel and while we do have plenty of studio lighting equipment, we implement them as fills, accessories, and compliments to daylight to provide you with the most natural and flattering lighting.

If you’ve always been disappointed with your photos from a professional studio consider a studio that focuses on daylight! And while it is more difficult to control and predict and our staff have the experience required to work with nature and to be able to create the perfect photo for you.