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Celebrate The Meaning of Family

All signs point to the holidays being in full swing. The weather outside becoming cooler every day, twinkly Christmas lights manifesting on houses and in store displays, and cheerful carols playing one after another on the radio. As the New Year draws closer, the most meaningful and important word to many of us is “family”. During this time, we look forward to spending time together with our loved ones, and taking a peek of the days ahead — sharing meals, telling and listening to familiar and new stories, unwrapping gifts, and creating memories to remind us of what is really important.

For over five years, our team Studio by Angel in Bayside, NY has been capturing such important memories for families everywhere. We know how fleeting time can feel, how quickly one year moves to the next, and how fast children seem to outgrow their last set of clothes, before we even know it!

It is these moments in-between the milestones that are most precious, and these moments deserve to be cherished and preserved. The family portrait is one of many classic ways to preserve treasured memories for parents and children alike.

Each beautiful photograph forms a piece of an album that captures an important day or time, and can be looked back on for years to come. Even when family is far away or just out of sight a family portrait helps you keep them close to your heart.

In the days ahead, as the holly and greenery goes up, and as our Christmas trees start to glitter with tinsel toe and ornaments, our team at Studio by Angel looks forward to helping you capture your special moments and the people who truly make it special; your gift to yourself, and your loved ones, for years to come.

Take a look at some of our family portraits.