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3 Reasons Why You Need Family Portraits

We know we know, it’s that time of year and the dreaded family portrait collection is due for the yearly update. You’d rather spend the money on something else, it’s always such a hassle to get all the kids ready, or you just don’t like getting photographed. Trust us, we’ve heard it all! Family portraits don’t have to be expensive and time-consuming or a source of frustration.

1. Memories

Most importantly, photographs represent the very subjects they capture, in this case… you! They capture the day, your life, your family at that moment and days, months, maybe years later when you take a look you’ll be glad that you took them. People’s memories may fade and tarnish but a well-taken photograph will always faithfully and beautifully capture you!


2. For Your Children

Yes, we know, they can be rowdy and not willing to listen, perhaps even dislike being photographed in the first place. But we also all know that it can be easy for children to overlook the significance and importance of these photographs. Years down the road, perhaps even to their own children they’ll have these family portraits to show where they’ve come from and how much they’ve grown.


3. For Fun!

Who says that a photo shoot has to be a dreadful experience that no one looks forward to! With a proper photographer, you can rest assured that you’ll spend more time with your family than worrying about the photos (that’s the photographers job). Try to think of this as time for you and your family to just spend together- something that may not happen often enough.


We hope that this season of thanksgiving and celebration you would remember some of the things most important in life don’t all reside in your bank account. They’re all around you and better now than never to capture that forever.