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Maternity Shoots – What you can do to be ready!

Maternity photo shoots can be daunting if you’ve never had one or if this is your first child! But there’s nothing to worry about. Just keep in mind these simple steps and you can rest assured knowing your session will be comfortable and fun. Remember, while some people may try their best to hide their bump throughout their pregnancy this is not the time! You and your special bump are the stars of this shoot so we’ll keep that in mind as we prepare for the shoot.

1. Prepare your outfits beforehand!

This is arguably the key to a stress-free and easy photo shoot. Your outfits are going to have to withstand the test of time as you’ll have these photos and look back at them for years to come. We suggest going with a more timeless and classic look while trying to avoid anything that is too trendy. Maybe a simple top and jeans with a pair of boots for a comfortable casual look or a simple dress but don’t be afraid to keep the fits slim and tight to accentuate your bump!

Many women choose a nice maxi dress that fit them well as the maxi dress truly complements a woman’s body and is incredibly flattering! Others use a belt to accentuate that beautiful belly of yours!


2. When?!

We recommend for around 31 to 36 weeks pregnant because while your belly will have a beautiful and full shape you won’t be too close to labor that you’ll be bloated and uncomfortable. This also gives you a couple weeks to take care of other details like organizing your albums or selecting prints and sharing them before the big day!

3. Treat yourself beforehand

Remember to not stack your photo shoot with all the other chores you have to take care of for the rest of the year! Just kidding! But really, give yourself a nice break or treat before and after the shoot. While you may be great at smiling the stress shows and we want you to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible so that all the smiles would be genuine and warm.


4. Coordinate!

Work together with your husband and other family members! While the photo shoot is primarily focused on your bump don’t get overwhelming thinking that you have to do everything. Definitely match outfits with your family if you wish and even little things like remembering to groom your finger and toenails will go a long way!


In the end however, don’t worry too much about the details and focus on why you’re taking the photos in the first place; that is, to capture this very special time and opportunity that will be important for years to come. Focus on the present and you’ll be surprised just how happy you’ll look in the photos