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“Self-Service” – 4 Reasons Why You Want It!

With the start of Studio by Angel’s new “Self-Service” booking system, we’re offering the community, our clienteles, to take their photography into their own hands! But why would doing this on your own be any better than hiring a professional? Well, here are four reasons why you might choose self-service!


1. Creativity

With the entire studio at your fingertips, along with a great selection of equipment, the self-service system really lets you tap into your creativity. You have tons of props, costumes, outfits, lighting, backgrounds, backdrops and more to create the images that you have in mind. You won’t be restricted by anything other than yourself! Whether to just exercise those long-lost creativity muscles or to practice a well-honed skill, self-service is a great way to have fun and create some memories that will last a lifetime.


2. Freedom

Whenever you’re working with someone else whether it’s your child’s teacher or your wedding photographer or even your business partner we all know that to work as a team means leaving behind some freedom. In many cases, this is a fantastic sacrifice for the advantage of teamwork but sometimes freedom is a sought after amenity in our modern age of increased responsibilities. When working with a professional photographer, especially when you’re not one, it can be hard to get your thoughts across and sometimes we all crave the freedom to just grab a camera and take the shot ourselves.


3. Cost

But perhaps, one of the biggest advantage of the self-service model is that it is much cheaper than hiring a professional, especially a well-recognized and acclaimed photographer. For example, a typical wedding photography booking for 10 hours can be as little as several thousand to over ten thousand dollars! Our self-service model offers plans that can suite any need starting at just one hundred dollars per hour. While you’re losing out on the expertise and professionalism of an experienced photographer, sometimes we just can’t afford it all!


4. Equipment

And lastly, you have at your fingertips, professional grade, tested and proven equipment to make any photo shoot possible. Lighting equipment is often overlooked by amateur photographers as the last part of their budget and yet is so crucial to ensure that your photographs look good. In addition, with a variety of backgrounds and backdrops, you’ll find that the cost of the self-service studio is worth every penny!


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