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Baby Photo Shoot: Five Great Tips!

Your baby grows up in a blink of an eye — ask any Mom or Dad, and they will tell you so. As the years pass, we can’t help but gravitate towards the ways we can best slow down and capture our most cherished moments with family.

Baby photography is the perfect way to preserve memories of our children’s earliest years and milestones. Preparing your little one for his or her first photo shoot can be challenging, but it’s well worth it! With a little bit of planning and effort, you and your partner will find yourselves rewarded with an album of beautiful snapshots, capturing your child in his or her most precious moments.

Below, our team at Studio By Angel put together a list of five tips on how to best prepare your baby for that first photo shoot.


1. Schedule the shoot after your baby’s usual nap time.

Even us grownups know that being deprived of a nap is a quick road to grouchiness. A tired baby is a cranky baby! If you know that your baby tends to sleep around noon or at another regular time, schedule your appointment with the studio accordingly. Make sure your little one gets enough rest before s/he steps into the starring role at a photo shoot.


2. Keep the colorful candy away.

Multi-colored or neon candy may serve as fun props, but we recommend swapping them for healthier snacks before the shoot! The candy’s sugar rush can invite a whirlwind of hyperactivity and crankiness, and may also cause a side effect of stained mouths and hands — cute for a commercial, yes, but perhaps not the ideal look for a shoot. Save any treats for afterwards (yes, bribes for good behavior are OK!).


3. Pack extra baby supplies, a blanket and a change of clothes.

If you have a diaper bag, make sure it’s adequately packed with all your baby go-to’s: baby wipes, pacifiers, burp cloths, and baby lotions. Your little one may look like an angel in the final shots, but between takes, s/he may need help staying clean, tidy and well-moisturized! A blanket to keep your baby warm during breaks is a good idea, as studios can sometimes be a little cool in temperature. And lastly, accidents can happen, as any parent knows — a change of clothes will save any unnecessary trips back home, and allow the show to go on.


4. Bring any favorite, sentimental props and/or toys.

The studio will normally be equipped with a set of props and themed backdrops, but bringing along your baby’s familiar toys or favorite objects can add a welcome touch of personalization to the shoot. A teddy bear or equivalent friend can also help to keep your little one happy and secure throughout the photo session, especially in moments when s/he is feeling restless or uncooperative.


5. Prepare to show up in the shots!

Don’t forget — as the Mommy or Daddy, you’ll be in the pictures with the baby too! Equally important as the snapshots of your little one, are the captured moments of you and your partner enjoying the baby’s presence. Dress comfortably and flatteringly. The shoot may last from an hour to a couple of hours, so remember to stay patient, present, and relaxed! Focus on the sensation of this precious time spent with your little family, and the joy will show on camera.


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