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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photo shoots are important for a variety of reasons. Not only is this initial session a meaningful showcase of your and your partner’s connection, it is also often the first time both of you are involved in a series of professional photos before the wedding day.

This makes the engagement photo session an ideal opportunity to develop rapport with your photographer, as well as with your partner. Practice makes perfect when it comes to the big day — feeling relaxed and at ease in front of the camera is no exception.

In addition to natural posing and body language, which we covered in our last post, it is also important for you and your partner to choose the right outfits to wear to your engagement shoot. Taking extra care here will go a long way towards a collection of photos you will be happy to reminisce over for years to come.

Below, our team at Angel Project has put together a set of our best tips for choosing the right engagement shoot outfit.

1. Consider the season.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the season, particularly if the shoot is taking place outdoors. Even if you have a favorite dress, wearing it without layers in late fall or winter will undoubtedly leave you shivering and unhappy. On the same note, wearing heavy boots or jackets in the summer may be as equally uncomfortable. Your level of comfort will easily show through in your photos, so dress accordingly!


2. Complement your shoot location.

Whether indoors or outdoors, consider the ambiance and colors of your surroundings when choosing your outfit. Make sure you and your partner won’t overly blend in or clash with your backdrop. If your engagement shoot is formal, such as in a grand mansion or sophisticated estate, you may want to go for a dress or suit combination. Alternatively, if the shoot is taking place in a park and the vibe is playful rather than serious, you and your partner may prefer brighter, stand-out colors and less formal details in your outfits.


3. Coordinate with your partner.

Coordination doesn’t mean dressing identically! If you two are normally unlikely to walk around in matching outfits, then this shouldn’t happen at your engagement shoot either. Your outfits will look most striking when they complement rather than contradict each other (for example, in the case of conflicting prints or colors). And of course, make sure you and your partner are dressing on the same level of formal or casual.


4. Lastly, be natural, be comfortable, be yourself.

Above all, the engagement shoot is a chance to authentically showcase the nature of your relationship. After following the basic rules of coordination and style, you and your partner should wear outfits that truly broadcast your unique personalities, and are comfortable to move around in.

If a fancy dress isn’t your usual go-to, then choose a combination you won’t find yourself fidgeting with or constantly adjusting. At the end of the day, the more confident and “right” you feel in your clothes, the more likely both of you will show your true colors and rock the engagement shoot.


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