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Featured Family – Kathy and Scott Davis

Kathy and her family have been with Angel Project ever since… it first started! We first met with Kathy and Scott when meeting to discuss their wedding photos and ever since that faithful day in 2011, Kathy and Scott have been coming back to Angel Project, now to our studio, to continue capturing the bright memories of their young and budding family.


When Alexis, their first daughter, was born not too long after their family had gotten underway (she’s already 4!) and ever since they’ve been returning every year for family photos and even for Christmas cards! Their presence is always a joyful reminder of the sometimes small but amazing blessings we have here on this earth. Sometimes it’s hard to remember with the stresses and rigors that life may bring, but we must continue to celebrate the love that we have!


Not too long after Alexis, came sweet little Benjamin! If Alexis was the calm beautiful young lady, Benjamin was full of youthful energy that really shows in our photos. He’s only two years old! The children are yet another nudge in the side that life and goodness surrounds us.


This is why we do what we do here at Angel Project. We love making these intimate connections with the families that we work with and capturing their most exciting and happy moments! Thank you Kathy and Scott for sending us such wonderful cards every year. We’ll see you again pretty soon!